Thursday, July 31, 2008

never stop looking for the light of your life....

This night is quite a lonesome night for me. Don't know what to do even though I have lot of assignments waiting to be done. But somehow I feel so lazy this night. I need some motivation to kickstart my mood to do the assignment. Well please somebody help me, inspire me to do me assignment. I need it fast and i need it in high doses.

My friends out there, please enjoy your life to the fullest, but do not forget we are not alone here, HE is watching us from above, so please behave ya don nkal2. Well in this few weeks i kinda realized that i need to improve myself and at the same time try not to be so boring. So I decided that for few days i will be in the silent mode and try to actually watch others and how they behave. Maybe it can trigger something in my head. I don't want to be called a headless chicken again. I am a human being that always need guidance so that i will become a great person. Insyallah.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Minggu Kesenian Islam

Minggu Kesenian Islam is the special week where the people in my institution celebrate that whole week by organizing Islamic activities. For instance, we do organized Musabakah, hafazan Al Quran, Khat Competition and etc. the objectives are to strengthen the bond or 'ukhwah' between us the Muslim and the non-Muslim. The non also invited to join our activities such as jejak kembara, futsal match and netball competition. with god will, Insyallah this week will be full with the Barakah from ALLAH amin.